Scott Browning is the founder, President and COO of Browning Windows and Doors.

“My story began when I was 14 years of age on a piece of property my family owned, where they built an enclave of high-quality estate homes.
A feature of these homes was large well-designed windows. As I watched these homes being built, it became apparent to me that once the windows were installed the face of the house came to life. Homes come alive with the right widows. I was privy to the architectural design of these homes, the intricacies of the build-out and the happiness of the client with the end-product. While I have done total home renovations, our company has chosen to specialize in windows and doors.

I trained with an estate renovation company and a doctor of windows, whose standards were nothing short of perfection. One of the things the doctor of windows taught me is that a window is only as good as the installation. One can buy the most expensive window, but if not installed correctly it will need to be replaced in a few years. Consideration must always be given to the construction of the house and the skill of the installer.”