Bringing the 2021 colours of the year into your home

January 27, 2021 0 Comments

Has 2020 left you feeling black and blue? Well, here’s hoping the next year will bring some more hope, balance and comfort—and those are exactly the feelings that 2021’s top colour trends inspire!

Every fall, the biggest names in paint unveil their colour trend palettes for the upcoming months, along with the colour of the year. For 2021, Benjamin Moore picked Aegean Teal, and Sico went with Blue‑Winged Warbler. Behr is offering the Calm Zone, a selection of soothing blues and greens that mesh beautifully with the creams, yellows and browns that make up the rest of their trend palette. The top colours of 2021 evoke stability, purity and harmony with the earth—perfect for giving your home a comforting and welcoming atmosphere, inside and out.

Does your house have fairly classical architecture? Paint your front door in a shade of blue or green, for an easy way to add some visual interest while maintaining the elegance of your home. These timeless, cozy colours will showcase your front entrance and welcome your guests in. Or are you more of a daring soul? Consider a vibrant yellow door. Whether your style is traditional or more contemporary, a bright yellow door will spread warmth and light all through your home.